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Neo Soul Essential Drum MIDI Loops (WAVs Included)

Neo Soul Essential Drum MIDI Loops (WAVs Included)

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The first-ever Rhythmic Neo-Soul Drums MIDI Loop Pack

Build a solid foundation for your productions: A variety of different drum rhythms that are designed to work cohesively together, no matter the combination. This pack contains over 10 000 possible variations.

Mix and match any of the Hi-hat, Kick Drum and/or Snare drum rhythms to create new and unique rhythmic arrangements. 

Contains: 560 Files / 200 MB

  • 70 x 2 bar MIDI hi-hat patterns with individual open hi-hat rhythms
  • 50 x 2 bar MIDI snare drum backbeats with individual ghost note patterns
  • 60 x 2 bar MIDI kick drum patterns
  • 100 x 1 bar MIDI full drum kit breaks/fills (inc. kick drum - snare drum + ghost notes - hi-hats open + closed - high, middle + low toms)

All MIDI loops have WAV versions in separate folders.


The Midi files in this pack are compatible with all DAW’s. Including:

  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro
  • Cubase
  • GarageBand
  • FL Studio
  • & many more

Simply drag & drop, or import manually via the import section of the DAW interface.

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Master Samples

Unlock the power of rhythm loops today.


MIDI files are compatible in all DAWs.


Fully customise the rhythms to suit your track.

10,000 Variations

Mix and match the tracks to find a unique combination.

Easy to use

Built for simplicity.

How to use

Learn how to use these samples loops in your software.

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For professionals

Use our rhythm packs to achieve professional drum rhythms. Fully customizable, with the ability to change the sound files to your own but keep the same rhythms.

MIDI Mapping

(the note where each drum is played)

Hi-hats: closed - C3 (Velocity has been edited exaggeratedly in order to match the feel of a live musician, adjust accordingly)

open - D3

Snare drums: back beat - A2ghost notes - G2 (A ghost note is a snare drum hit playedmuch quieter to enhance the dynamic rangeReduce/increase the velocity accordingly)

Kick Drums: kick - E2

Full kit fills: kick drum - C1

snare ghost notes - E1

snare back beat - F1

closed hi-hat - G#1

open hi-hat - A1

high tom - C2

high/mid tom - C#2

mid/low tom - D2

low tom - D#2