How to use the Neo-Soul Essential Drums MIDI Loops pack

How to use the Neo-Soul Essential Drums MIDI Loops pack

If you’ve recently downloaded our Neo-Soul Essential Drums midi loops, you may be wondering where to begin. This blog post is going to detail exactly how easy it really is to apply the midi loops to your music/DAW’s and create a stronger rhythmic arrangement for your productions. 

Step 1 - Key placements

The first step of the process is making sure you have your samples in the correct key placements. The guide within the pack tells you the MIDI mapping for each drum hit.

For example, closed Hi-hats play on note C3. In Ableton Pro you can utilise the ‘Drum Rack’ feature. By dragging and dropping the drum rack over to your midi track, you can then start applying the drums into the correct key.

The links below show you how to map specific samples to each key on your midi keyboard for various DAW’s.


Ableton Live:


FL Studio:


Logic Pro:




Step 2 -  Using the pack correctly

The next step is assuring you use the pack correctly, though it is very simple to use, you may wonder where to begin.

We recommend using the WAV folder to first hear what loops you will be selecting.

From here to will be able to pick, hats, snares, or bass drum rhythms you feel will best suit your current/new production. Try mixing random rhythms from each section if you are unsure of what patterns you wish to arrange together.

Once you have found the MIDI loops you prefer simply drag and drop or import the loops manually into your midi tracks. Watch the video below for a more detailed tutorial on how to use our Neo-Soul Essential Drums.


These are the two steps required to start using our Neo-Soul Essential Drums MIDI Loops. Make sure to play around with all the rhythms and find a combination which best suits you. With over 10,000 possible combinations, there’s no shortage of grooves for you to create.

Contact us if you need any help.

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